amanda field
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The lockdown drill—the emergency drill that prepares children for an active shooter—is now ubiquitous in American schools. LOCKDOWN DRILL (photographs, video, 2018) is a documentary project that bears witness to what we are asking our children to perform by listening to the stories they tell with their words and bodies. 


NEW DARK WOOD (video, 15min, 2018) is an assembly of digital artifacts curated from my smartphone that chronicle the first year of my divorce, a return to dating, and the death of a friend. I call this work "smartphone cinema" and it is intended to be viewed on your mobile phone, overlapping in real time with your incoming personal messages, status updates, notifications, etc. 



WEAK RECEPTION (30 x 30 inches, chromogenic prints, 2017), a series of screenshots of loading interstitials, enlarged and printed on light-sensitive paper, invites consideration of the moment just prior to the network's delivery of legible, high-resolution visual information—a moment of sustained anticipation rather than immediate gratification, of potential rather than predictable content.

UNTITLED MOTHERHOOD PROJECT (ongoing) is a lens-based investigation of motherhood in collaboration with my daughter in the wake of my own mother's death when I was a child.