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"The world is a painful place to witness. Shock and shame can steal language and leave only feeling. To experience catastrophe or trauma—ruptures in one’s world—is to be struck mute, and part of the work of repair is to consider and connect this experience back to the world, to find a language that can simultaneously touch the wound and to help close and heal it, give it surface, a symbolic legibility and haptic knowledge. Amanda Field’s work, New Dark Wood, scrolls through the trauma and loss of a relationship, death of a friend, and the love and anxiety of caring for children, all recurring themes in her larger body of work. The touchscreen of a smartphone mediates and frames these events through a haptic editing of screenspace, a familiar private navigation of memory and communication. Amanda's work honors grief by not looking away and by subverting, through tactical appropriation and embodiment, the alienation of screens as a medium to tell these all too human stories."  Jeanine Oleson